Innovation is not an option

[ Tuesday November 3, 2020 ]
Innovation is not an option

It is a must.

The History throughout centuries has given us a lesson, that hard times bring good innovations. And as some key global players demonstrate the growth mindset and ability to innovate processes are one of the key aspects for the company survival.
Although it may sound cruel, it is proven fact. According to PwC, more and more companies have incorporated AI into their strategies. Why? The reasons are clear: to get a better time to market, better quality, and customer satisfaction. Agility has changed teamwork; AI boosts it with its neuronal network.
The bottleneck for those strategies is often lack of implementation plan. Companies do not know, how to approach AI. It is still a science fiction for many C level managers responsible for the strategy. Yet, the lack of implementation plan turns the strategy into wish list.
Companies with production lines have more clear assignment. Since Toyota Production System or LEAN have been known worldwide, scheme is simple: define bottlenecks and to optimize them. And since there is not much to be optimized in manufacturing alignment and robotization, we need innovate process by using digitalized data collection, predictions, and AI vision technology. A technology that thinks like a human, but works like a machine. Those areas can improve the quality, just-in-time delivery and traceability with ROI.
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